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Lanxi wei kay electronic co., LTD2009Founded in lanxi city, zhejiang province, wong tai sin,Is the building of a professional electronic products and the strength of the silicone factory。The company has many years of development、Manufacturing and quality control experience,Equipped with modern production lines and complete mechanical equipment。Now the main products series with silica gel、Electronic components、Capacitor、The power supply, etc

Company to the quality of high quality,The high quality service,By numerous customers' trust and support, and in line with abide by the credit,Strive for perfection,Strives for realism the innovation,Strive to provide consumers with the best、The most satisfactory products。

The company is committed to build the electronics industry,Adhere to the product quality、Service、The good faith、Thanks for the idea,For partners and customers to create unlimited wealth and value。

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Lanxi wei kay electronic co., LTD

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